joseph boroski, mixsultant

   Joseph Boroski calls himself a mixsultant™. This is meant to express (as best as one word can) his deep passion for cocktail culture and his role as one of the world’s prominent bar consultants. He began his career in the beverage industry at age 18 selling wines and spirits in New England (Paul Newman was one of his first clients), and later discovered bartending when mixology quickly got a hold of his attention and never lost its grip. It was in New York where he mostly honed his craft, during the decade he spent behind (what seems to be countless) Manhattan bars at restaurants, night clubs, lounges, and cafes, while bartending, promoting spirits, and creating signature cocktails. 

   Developing original bar menus, training bartenders, designing efficient bars, organizing cocktail events, and mixing up exceptional tipples has taken him to over two dozen countries in 5 continents (he’s looking forward to making it to Africa). He is continuously on the move with a straightforward and all-important two-part plan: searching the globe for what’s new, what’s different, what’s next in the international bar scene; and sharing the knowledge and the experience. His bar consulting group Sip Slowly has been working with some of the world’s best five-star hotels, extraordinary resorts, and exceptional restaurants around the world for nearly 5 years. Joseph is currently enjoying life in Thailand, actively heading up The Joseph Boroski Bar & Cocktail School Bangkok.